Friday, September 21, 2007


It's a blog holiday for me today.

Down with a bad tummyache.

And doing everything in the book to recover as quickly as possible, including:

1. Drinking shitloads of water
2. Eating more salt (hey, that's the basis of ORS therapy)
3. Eating ALOT of food, even though it feels uncomfortable, so that I'd get everything to create the antibodies and repair my intestinal cells. And compensating for the impaired absorption of my probably swollen and sick intestines
4. Imodium
5. Eating yoghurt. Asians will shriek at the idea, but hey, it's proven that the live bacteria help the gut get back to normal as quickly as possible.
6. Avoiding stressful situations such as school

I'll be back, hopefully fine, pretty soon!


Pkchukiss said...

Have you tried meditation? I'm too lazy to dig up research on that, but it seems to help your overall well-being.

As they say, less time spent thinking about murdering someone is less probability of you sticking a knife into someone -- at least if you're into practical-ism =)

gonococcus said...

lol yeah im feeling better already, so except for the ocassional twinge i feel in my intestines, im actually quite ok already!

nah im simply too hotheaded to meditate!

Anonymous said...

hi there... u hv a reader :) although i dun check that often cos u dun really blog regularly :P and yes, i m a 100% stranger to u, u dunno me, and i dunno u... so keep writing! be urself... depressed, desperate, happy, gay, joyous, watever... if u can't even b urself in ur blog, then when are u truly urself? In ur dreams when u are sleeping? geesh... that's truly sad...
Cheers, have a happy weekend. x

gonococcus said...

hey anonymous!

gotta confess, i sorta traced who you are from my blog counter

so, say hi to the Netherlands for me!

in singapore, it's hard to be one's true self without being emotionally lynched to death