Thursday, September 20, 2007

When I Come Around

Boys, get your regular and plentiful sleep mmkay?

Been surviving on rather little sleep, partly from caffeine intoxication, having stuff to do, not being able to sleep and, well, issues.

Sleep is precious. Strangely, the deepest sleep I get is among the drone of the bus engines and the perpetual swaying and creaking of the poorly-damped air suspensions.

Every morning, after another bad night of sleep, I force my body against its will to wash up and dress for school, and when I do eventually find myself a seat on the bus, I'm back to sleep at the snap of a finger.

But it ain't pretty. So. Boys, get your regular fix of sleep, OK?


I'm peeved, the Gahmen decided not to repeal Section 377A just because of the alleged disagreement of the 'Heartlanders', i.e. the coffeeshop aunties and uncles of Hougang and Yishun. Strangely, if they were so vehemently against men having sex with men, then why wasn't their voice ever heard before the sudden announcement by the Gahmen? It sounds suspiciously like a last-ditch attempt to make the decision sound democratic.

After all, don't we have more coffeeshop aunties and uncles than, say, globally aware Internet users?

But whatever, just because there are sizeable populations that like/don't like/condemn something doesn't mean a thing to its morality.

But it's sad, because for those men who truly love other men (believe me, there are quite many of them), they're unrightfully forced to go into hiding, not being able to sexually express themselves.

And even worse, it's an international disgrace.


Sigh. It's a sign that I'm getting desperate when I see tall, rich-looking guys in school being surrounded by a whole entourage of girls. And it's so obvious that they're all after him, cause the eye contact is all on him.

And well, the lesser looking guys, the poorer guys, they hang out with each other.

Everytime I see how shallow people are, I lose a bit of faith in humanity. And in myself.


Blogging from lecture, so sue me.

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