Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Groaning and pleading.
Pained and bleeding.

This ache, it won't go.
Doctor won't you numb it?

Doctor, you're the only one.
You have something I want.
I'd give you anything you want.
Please, make your round.

It's getting worse.
I'm in tears.

Doctor, will I live?

Where are you, Doctor?


I can't keep my eyes open in this pain.
No thunderclaps or torrents of rain.
No sirens, no bombs.
Not the death knell.

Of the cardiac monitors,
The oximeters,
The beeping?
The beeping.

Doctor, please. I beg you.

Doctor? Where are you?


I'm dying.

My last wishes, won't someone listen?
Not an iota of concern
For a dying man?

You don't see my pain?
That fresh bloodstain?

Doctor, look at me.

Doctor, don't go, I have something to say.

Doctor! I'm so happy you listen to me.

I need to tell you something.

Doctor, before I die I have a

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