Sunday, September 9, 2007

Damn Dog

It's pretty surreal to revise otolaryngology/ENT surgery/head and neck surgery/whatever fanciful name with a blocked nose, trying to convince myself that my nose doesn't have a deviated septum and that my fingers are just undergoing some fanciful tactile hallucination.

Muscled through a first read of half the textbook in one sitting. Mild cilliary spasm as I type this. I'm weak, old and ailing.


Ran like 6km at least today. In the sweltering heat. You see, I need the tan, to erase my old tanlines. And I need to burn off all the crud that I've eaten the past week, and the fulfilment of my vanity, et cetra.

The friendly neighbourhood Valium addict. I'm jealous.


School tomorrow, dammit.

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