Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Basket Case

Do you have the time, to listen to me whine, about everything and nothing all at once?

Can't get online properly. Fucking phone line died, bring with it the telephone service and broadband internet.

Crazy administrative issues at school. The red tape in NUS is insane, and it's hard not to see why - page after page of logbooks to fill up on the students' part, clinical attachments mean insane amounts of paperwork and communication breakdowns between departments and all. The students lose out, because they have to join in the pain of the paperwork. And they gotta pay exorbitant school fees so that the staff who're employed just for paperwork get paid.

Oh, I realised that I have a positive intradermal skin test towards malt and sugarcane, I'm prolly allergic to them...

Sleepless, angsty. You don't mess with someone who had been trapped in a traffic jam, drenched in the rain, grappling with administrative shit, having his skin punctured by more than 10 needles, endured a long day of school, been ignored, left alone to his own pathetic painful thoughts, rushing from Bishan to Novena to Orchard to Novena to Bishan to Ang Mo Kio to Bishan all in a day, jostled around by the crowds in Ang Mo Kio Hub only to reach home and realise that dad was too retarded to call the right number to report the telephone line problem so I had to do it myself.

Thank goodness for old pals like Cong, to anchor me to some semblance of a life. Because, otherwise, I'd just be an automation, living through days just to get by with barely the skin of my teeth without even exercising the humanistic part of my mind.

It's a cruel life. And I feel so pissed. I need something warm and fuzzy to look forward to, because mechanical goals - goals like reading my textbook, passing my exams, graduating, stuff like these - are going to make me even more cold, jaded and hard.

Where's my warm and fuzzy thing?

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