Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Take A Picture

When it rains, it pours. And when it pours, you huddle into a truck and cover yourself with a huge blue tarpaulin, hoping that there's enough oxygen for everyone.

School involves long and painful lectures.

And sometimes, needles.

A respite every now and then, that's essential. Screw the timetable!

AMK Hub, that's a crowded warzone. Oh well, it's the company that matters.

Buses too brightly-lit, with too plush a suspension, with too monotonous an engine roar. It takes the bus-iness out of the bus, making it feel like sitting in a boring aeroplane cabin. Comfortable, but just boring.

Scones, muffins, stuff. Square2 Novena. Tasty.

Oh, and phone line's back up again, apparently Singtel came over to do some checks and found the problem to be somewhere outside the HDB block. Or something like that. At least I have teh Interwebs to play with now!


Dancing Diva said...

eek!! were those intra-dermal shots?!!!

gonococcus said...

yeah intradermal jabs for a study on allergy!