Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Fragile

Highlight of the day - I got this stuck into my nose.

Yep. That's a flexible endoscope. It's a fibre-optic device that lets a doctor view the inside of the nasal cavity, the posterior nasal space and the voicebox.

Was a slow day at the clinics and I was musing to the doc how I suspected that I might have some sinus trouble. And in the frontal sinuses - the bad kind.

And it ended with the scope down my nose. Thankfully, nothing was visibly wrong. But the scope doesn't view the insides of the sinuses, so it's not a 100% green flag.



My body's fragile. Still having twinges of pain from the shoulder, but at least, it's way less painful today (without any painkillers, yay) than yesterday (when I was high on painkillers).

Even managed a slow jog in the park (it hurts a bit if I jostle around too much). Wearing my newly-bought tank top, in order to try to even out those damn tan-lines. Hey, at least I'm just sufficiently toned enough to not look amusing. (My self-conscious me thinks that I'm fat and flabby, my delusional me thinks I'm totally hot and hunky so I guess it averages out.)

On second thought. Maybe I DO look fugly. Gotta admit though. I edited the colours of this photo to death, trying to compensate for the wonky auto white-balance of my camera phone and the horrendous florescent lighting in the lift.

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Pkchukiss said...

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