Friday, September 7, 2007


Night. Can't sleep. Overcaffeinated perhaps? Ramped up my caffeine intake (evidence based, okay!) because I was going running yesterday, and now it bit me back doubly hard in the ass.

Messaging on the phone. At least, much of those thorny issues are resolved.

Listening to J-rock on my trusty MP3 player, staring at the maroon clouds blowing across the pitch black sky. Fell into fitful sleep, and woke up totally groggy.

New day. If it's any consolation, it's a Friday! Walked down the stairs with a crazy blocked nose. Breakfasting while sneezing my nose off.

Needed to use another pair of earphones for my daily commute - the in-canal earphones gave me a red and irritated ear canal after prolonged use with damp ears, the clip-ons feel uncomfortable after some time. And when I open the bag where I leave all my old earphones and cables. the dust sent me into a sneezing fit.

I don't know of anyone who sneezes in as rapid succession as I do.

With the cheapo Sony earbuds that came stock with my MP3 player and an embarrassingly red and shiny nose, I got onto the bus to school.

Couldn't take the sneezing and itching any more, and succumbed to using those magic pills I carry along with me all the time. Thank goodness for antihistamines!


Clinical attachment today was absolutely weird - there were all sorts of uncommon and complicated conditions being seen that session. Totally unlike the first 3 days.


After lunch, QY and I decided to slink off early. And along the way back, I was accosted by an alkie at the void deck in Dover.

He asked me for the time. I told him the time.

He thanked me and shook my hand. Red flag. Normal people don't usually shake hands for something as trivial as that.

He kept on ranting on and on about religion and how I should study hard and filial piety and how he has trouble lifting his right arm (he slurred like a stroke victim anyway) and how his 3 kids are really successful and how old he is and so on and so forth. And he insisted on shaking my hand another 4 times.

Oh did I mention? He had a can of Baron's by him.

I tried to slink away - but he continued talking, oblivious to my pleas to leave and catch my bus.

The further I walked away, the louder he kept on ranting. Gee. That's it. I don't entertain alcoholics who don't have anything better to do. Or rather, I'm not going to offer myself as entertainment to them.

Still pretty freaked out. After he shook my hand that 5 times, it felt... dirty. I couldn't say no; I'm too nice a guy. Sigh, I should work on that.


Why do I have this mysterious affinity to the crazy and drunk and insane? I seem to get approached by them way more than anyone else I know.

Maybe I'm cute.


Pkchukiss said...

I don't think I've told you about one time when I got molested by a homosexual while I was on my way to camp... It was very... traumatising.

gonococcus said...

OMG thats evil

should have smeared his eyes with SAF mosquito repellent!