Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I've got pressure, You've got pressure. Why did you have to provoke me?

I've got a seething pressure in my temples. Headache. Feeling weak lately, can't even get up to speed when I go for a run.


Just musing, the medical profession is a really stifling one, where one never gets to express their creative energy. So we have: People like Kua Ee Heok who write to relieve their creative tension. Which puts him in the list of many doctors-turned-writers - Michael Crichton, Robin Cook, and I daresay, Mahathir Mohamad too.

And as many writers have gone through part of medical school, only to leave to express their creativity full-time. J. G. Ballard and Alfian Sa'at are 2 names I can think of right now.

Bryan Holland from The Offspring was once a pre-med student. Bill Murray, too.


It looks like it takes a Herculean effort for a medical doctor to keep the creative juices from clotting up. Many have left in the name of creative expression, and I sure hope I can stay sane being able to express myself creatively while staying on with this path...


Out with QY again! For the infinite+1 time. Cause lecture got cancelled and we're bored people. Damn, I feel bad for taking up so much of his time.

Tried out the new iPod Nano and iPod Classic with my Sennheiser HD497 headphones. And conclusion? The equalizer distorts everything into a dirty muck. Even with equalizer off, it just sounds constricted. Like, the cymbals don't have the bell-like characteristic they usually do, the guitars don't growl, the bass doesn't resonate.

Looks like, I'm giving the iPods a miss.

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