Monday, September 3, 2007


The worst thing about shopping in a sale is - how would I know if I'm really getting a good deal? Or that the product I've been eyeing is actually some unpopular unfashionable abomination left untouched on the shelf for years? I'd like to believe I have good enough taste to tell the difference, but it's not foolproof.

Sales are agonising because I just can't decide. Am i really want it? Is it cheaper elsewhere? Have i looked hard enough to find a good bargain? There's never enough information to make a wise decision.

So, eventually i just go by gut feel and buy it. Hey at least they say it's not about how much something's worth in the market, but the value of it to me.

But there's always the nagging at the back of the mind - The product's great value to me, but could I have got it for even cheaper?

Thankfully, I make decisions that I don't regret most of the time.

There's this sale at OG where a number of items are going for a really decent discount. And if I spend $75 or more I can get a 10% discount card for the next year. And well, mom wants to renew the card.

Off to Orchard I went.

Got the pair of Levi's jeans at a good price. That's $88.50 and I get a free voucher of 20% of the price, that's about $17. Spent that, and topped up a little more and got a pair of boardshorts that are 40% off list price. Yay.


Crash-landed into the new week, barely past the dreamy daze of the weekend.

School's tiring. Lotsa lectures. One after another. It's always like this at the start of a new posting.

My classmate and I must have been somehow influencing each other alot. We're both cyclists, photographers, Crumpler messenger bag owners, and so on.

Now he wants a limited Edition G-Shock too. Green or blue? Both look equally appealing.

But they're only tied second compared to my red Toyota Land Cruiser Mudman!


Did I mention? I'm very very exhausted. And headachey.

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