Saturday, September 1, 2007

Music and Lyrics

Let's face it. Everything changes. People change. Tastes change. Events change. We find ourselves slowly yet quickly drifting from lifestyle to lifestyle, from carefree childhood to tumultuous teenhood to anxious adulthood.

But for me, there's something that had stuck with me through all these. And will continue to do so. Unless a fire guts my room or something.

It's my CD collection.

Goodness, I used to like Aqua and Spice Girls and Michael Learns To Rock? Oh well, that's me, a part of me I can't deny. A part of my childhood I'd never swap for anything.

Who can forget them Disney soundtracks?

I've had some pretty uncommon music on my CD rack.

I've had some pretty rare local music on my CD rack.

And of course. Eternal classics.

Expensive Japanese imports. And cheap Chinese imports (not shown).

A few of them, I got for free. Mostly from BigO magazine online contests. Some are blah, but some are really excellent stuff.

A Chinese language CD! That's the only one I have.

Japanese! Bought this in Hong Kong.

You won't begrudge me my music, will you?

Every time I feel down or lost or nostalgic, I'd be popping those CDs into the hifi, feeding the CD tray like a coalman fires up the old steam engine. It makes me happy.


Dancing Diva said...

haha... was a closet spice girls fan myself. even got their game on playstation..


gonococcus said...

heh they got a game?

i so gotta play it!

Dancing Diva said...

got! got! got!

it's like one of 'em ddr thingies...

gonococcus said...

oh noes!

i can't play ddr kinda games! my tummy'd jiggle!

Dancing Diva said...

OR u can create ur own SG dance lor..

gonococcus said...

heh that singapore workout thingie for ACES day!