Saturday, September 1, 2007


Sometimes it does no good for 2 people to pretend that they're still friends.

I shouldn't have to pre-empt nuclear missiles heading my way. Nor should they be the ones who disappear in times of greatest need.

When people change for the worse, they may just change back. And if that happens, I'm more than wiling to be friends again. But right now, it's just silly to not stay away. Feuding nations do not sign trade agreements.

The very crutch you're leaning on may just morph into a vicious cobra that bites your ass.

It's time to pare down some friendships. Symbiosis is good, commensalism is tolerable, but antagonism isn't going to do me any good.

Don't say a word, don't argue. Whether you mean to be antagonistic, it doesn't really matter you see? It's not good for me either way.

Perhaps it's time to take responsibility, rather than blame those around you?


A lazy morning in my room, reading Train Man.

There's an incredible amount of electronic gadgetry in my room, I realise.

From phone chargers to a notebook to a DIY USB charger to a hifi system to an old disused computer from more than a decade ago.

Can we live without technology?

Can we really live without the technology that lets us enjoy our music and our games and stuff?

I bet not.

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