Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oh Fuck It

Lonerism has its benefits too. Screw the world, I can be myself so as long as I am with myself.

So what if the only person who's willing to hang around with me, is me? At least he's steady, reliable and won't cancel on me without at least a mutual decision.

Went to Orchard alone and really, it ain't too bad.

I can spend a fuckload of time in the library walking in circles, spending my time reading about acoustic baffling and Helmholtz resonators, conjuring up some DIY ideas to improve the acoustics of my room. (Now, how do I attach a behemoth chunk of foam and cloth on the wall where my Simpsons poster used to be?)

I can spend 15 minutes listening to the sampling booth (Athlete's new album's sorta plain, Queens of Stone Age sounds the same old, Singaporean band The Great Spy Experiment gives the local music scene a good run for its money.) without boring the hell outta the people I'd be with.

Bought Paolo Nutini's These Streets, cause it wasn't in stock the other time I looked for it. Why? They've replaced the old version with one that includes some tracks from a live concert. $18.95

I can spend a shitload of time testing out the sound quality of the new iPods and not look like an ueber geek. They sound quite respectable on my Creative EP630 earphones, with the iPod Classic having more of a natural sound, but both the Classic and Nano still can't beat the tonality and bass of my Sony flash player.

Epicentre Orchard uploads all their test units with full of songs so you're bound to have enough familiar songs to gauge the sound quality. (Which may be a bad thing for iPod sales, considering that sound quality is their weak point.)

And looking at cookbooks without looking like an absolute fruit in front of my friends.

Then going to Borders and reading books on how to date. Oh c'mon I'm desperate. I admit it.

Geekdom. Yay. Geekdom is inherently lonely, and it's ok to be lonely and loserish, so as long as I'm a geek. And I don't even need to care if my hair looks like crap.

But still, no matter how strong I stand on my own, I crave some warm fuzziness. Will you be the one to provide it?

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