Monday, October 8, 2007

Belly Lint Blogs

It was a cloudy morning. I don't like cloudy mornings, as they are exactly in between sunny mornings and rainy mornings, but have a greater tendency to turn into a rainy morning than into a sunny morning.

Cloudy mornings are when I should hurry to school, as it might just turn into a dreaded rainy morning. Rainy mornings would be terrible, don't you think? Rainy mornings mean wet roads mean traffic jams mean being late for school mean missing lessons at best - and being reprimanded at worst. I sure do not want to be reprimanded!

So I had to hurry, eating the usual peanut butter and bread quicker than usual. You know, I love crunchy peanut butter. It has the bite that creamy peanut butter doesn't, the peanuty zing that striped peanut butter doesn't. Alright. Enough rambling. I won't bore you to tears - I'll go on to the bread immediately.

It sounds a little crazy, but I insist on Gardenia bread! Even though my parents prefer Sunshine. There's a sourish tang to Sunshine bread that is totally un-bready and horrible.

Chewing my bread quicker than usual, rushing a little, because it's a cloudy morning. And cloudy mornings just might turn into rainy mornings.

Rushed off to the shower and guess what - there's new belly lint! It's finally time to do the belly-lint removing ritual, picking out the lint, flicking it into the sink and relishing the nice clean feeling that comes with it. Did you know that they did some research about belly lint recently? Belly lint's made of fibres from your clothing. And did you know that someone has actually kept all his belly lint he ever created (is that even a relevant word?) in a bottle - for 20 years!

And I did the usual shower routine - wet, lather, scrub, wash off, et cetra. Oh no, am I boring you again?

I dried myself - the towel I use now is smaller than usual, which is pretty ironic cause I've been bigger than usual lately! All the good food adds up and has given me a bigger-than-usual tummy. I really should work it off!

And so I dressed myself in black pants - they're one of those cottony ones and a striped shirt (red stripes on white) which I had bought in

(the blogger has fallen asleep from sheer boredom after trying to proofread the work he had done so far)

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