Saturday, October 6, 2007

Nonrandomly Random

Another weekend alone, yay. So you can see, I do have an excellent social life, watching TV at home and reading library books.

I'm 22, have no obvious deformities, no physical/mental retardation, so why am I spending all my weekends alone? It's not like I want to. I'd like to believe that I'm a victim of circumstances, but oh well, if I'm alone for that so many weeks running, it leads me to only one conclusion.

I'm a social inept.


So I shall waste my life being alone, mulling the themes in Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Life presents us a paradox. Given that there is no conclusive role for our existence (unless you're religious), what do we do?

Do we try to put meaning to our lives, doing things that we deem meaningful, giving ourselves roles and responsibilities? After all, we have only one life, to mess it up and waste it would be a terrifying prospect.

Or since our role in existence isn't clear, do we do a Sartre-esque 'life is absurd' and just let the world go by, basking in the lightness and freedom of not having responsibilities?

It's too much for my poor brain. The book's like concentrated orange juice concentrate - a spoonful is tantalising, a sip is mindblowing, but a whole mugful would burn your gullet from inside out.

I've only read one third of the book so far. And that's in 2 separate sittings.


Mark Ronson's Version
seems to be a pretty darned good album. But somehow it slipped under my musical radar until now. What Mark Ronson does is to pick a favourite song, make a totally unrelated artist re-do it in a totally different way, giving a fresh twang to the songs we take for granted.

Check out Mark Ronson's take on The Zutons's Valerie, with vocals from Amy Winehouse.

To buy, or not to buy?


And yay, now that my blepharitis has cleared up, I can take photos of myself again!

On a good hair day:


To prove a point - I need a haircut, otherwise I'd look like some punk-revival band member from a remote part of the UK trying - and failing - to look like a rebellious version of the Beatles.

Where oh were do I get a decent and cheap haircut? I'm hairdresser-hopping and have yet to find somewhere I like.

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