Sunday, November 25, 2007

My metal steed

I'm a freaking geek.

Yeah I admit it; I turn on the computer just to check the weather radar before I ride my bicycle. Rain doesn't ruin a ride, but it sure makes things uncomfortable.

Today's ride was smooth and good, except for the fact that I'm still a little weak after the bad cold the past week.

Finally adjusted the rebound on my suspension to give a plusher ride. I don't need a setting so stiff, since I'm much lighter than when I last adjusted it...

Rode on my cracking Larsen TT tyres, and after the ride, I realised that OMG the cracks have deepened. Alot. I gotta change them.

Being the cheapskate that I am, I'm fitting my old, abandoned Tioga Factory XC 1.95 rear tyre from 4 years ago that came stock with the old bike. The rolling resistance is embarrassingly bad; the tread profile would be what I consider an all-rounder - gripless on the road, and equally gripless off-road.

Figured, I should wear them out so that I can throw them out, before they start to undergo rubber rot. When it dies, my fast and light Schwalbe Racing Ralph will be rotated in.

Removing the tyres from my Sun Rims 0deg XC is a PAIN. PAIN in my fingers and hands, trying to pry out the tyre beads. Tyres fit really tightly on these rims. Ouch.

With stained fingers, painful hands and an exhausted body, you can tell why I'm not at my chirpiest.


It's tempting to get a new phone. And a 3.5G data plan to boot so I can surf the net and blog anywhere. But phones with good cameras don't have 3.5G, phones with 3.5G don't usually have good cameras, and phones with good cameras AND 3.5G cost an arm, a leg and possibly an eye.

But my Sony Ericsson k750i takes such damned good photos. I'd miss it if I ditch it for a Nokia.

But still, at it's price, the Nokia 6120 Classic seems tempting, for its smartphone capabilities, 3.5G and memory slot.

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