Monday, November 12, 2007

Pen A Doll

Pretty grateful for being headache free right now, thanks to the paracetamol and caffeine coursing through my polluted veins.

Pretty exhausting day at school. There's this mock debate thing at school which exposed my misogynist prejudices and sick, dry, sick humour.

So in school, word has got around that I have an incredibly mindblowingly huge music collection. Yes it's true. I've got 30 gigabytes of schweet schweet music in iTunes right now. And I don't even dare to calculate how much I had spent so far on my music CDs so far.

Last 2 purchases: Mika's Life In Cartoon Motion (Yeah. I know. Despite the fruity colours and Queen-like disposition, I refuse to be ridiculed for my honest love for good music.) and Timbaland's Shock Value. I like them both.


I like good coffee.

Really expensive though, at $6.40 for 10 modest doses of perfectly creamy caffeine.

So now you know why it costs so much.


I like good ice-cream. If you like Oreos, this is for you. Creamy ice-cream sandwiched by soft crumbly chocolate biscuits. Heavenly.


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