Thursday, December 20, 2007


And I'm gonna bitch like a girl and I don't care because right now, I don't think anyone - girl or boy - deserves to be experiencing the crap that I have been experiencing. And you can skip this bloody post if you want your caramel-coated sugar-frosted happy endings, because there ain't gonna be one. What do you expect? It's a friggin blog, for goodnessessake.

If you haven't realised it already, I have no qualms about embarrassing myself on this blog because, hey, if you're one of those judgemental pricks who make up 90% of the population, you'd either be 1. not reading the blog in the first place 2. too tight-assed to even get to know my name - let alone my blog or 3. gloating at my poor pathetic life, in that case I'd be glad to provide you that entertainment, because I really don't give a damn about what you think about me; you're an asshole anyway.

I find that angst makes me write better. Yay me.


Monday and Tuesday were an absolute bore. Cooped up at home staring at my schoolwork, trying to revise for the coming end-of posting tests. Not to mention, the dreary weather. (Bloody hell, the weatherman is always wrong. 10 minutes before it rained today, the weather hotline told me it'd be dry, when the dark clouds in the sky were prancing around, making a respectable impression of Captain Obvious.)


So, Wednesday morning is the test, and half of our batch were to do the test in one hospital, and the other half in another. I got the hospital better known for obscure, difficult cases.

And I got the tester who's like, the legend of that hospital, who's really demanding in terms of your knowledge of conditions and et cetra. She's a legend indeed, considering that one of the bitchier senior doctors wants to be her. Yes. He really does. In a Mika-esque 'I try to be like Grace Kelly' kinda manner.

Clinical tests are as such: You go to the patient, talk for 15 minutes and try to dredge up as much information as possible to build up a picture of his condition, the causes, the complications and the problems to be solved. While 2 hawked-eyed professors stare at you, scrutinising your every move and listening in on every syllable.

It was a tough case. And when I mean tough, I could list a list of 8 medical issues in that single patient. And no I'm not naming them, for I'm protecting that poor kid's anonymity.

I did badly. The legend said I didn't. And I'd 'probably pass' after she tallies the marks. It's messed up. People don't fail this posting, and I might set a precedent.

And the frustrating thing is, I KNOW I'm not all that lousy. It's just that I had the incredible luck to be saddled with 2 demanding professors (including the Legend) and with a really complicated case.

Spent the next 24 hours bitching about it to about all the classmates I talk to, and yeah, they agree that I did indeed get what pretty much sounded like a worst case scenario. It's sorta silly, being judged on such tests when there's so much marking variation between testers and all. I usually get the short end of the stick.

Quote of the day, on the phone half an hour after the test: "Hey does bus 33 go to anywhere I can find a cliff to jump off?"

Headed of to another hospital, not to check into the psychiatric ward from the trauma, but to hand in some stupid form for the elective postings. Paperwork. I hate paperwork.


And I really don't have any mood to revise for tomorrow's theory paper, being demoralised as I am.

In other news:

I baked muffins scones. You see, they didn't rise like they should. When life hands you lemons and you make lemonade and it tastes like crap, call it limeade instead.


My Acer notebook died on me. Isolated the problem to one of the RAM sticks that I had installed recently. Fuck you, Kingston Value RAM. Oh well, gotta get it replaced under warranty.


Bicycle ride. Idiots parking their cars in the middle of steep curve in the 2-lane road (with double white lines to boot) to feed the monkeys. Shouted at them. Assholes. The monkeys are causing a major hazard around here, especially when I gotta swerve around them and they sometimes chase my bike. Not to mention, whenever they park their car in the middle of the curve, it's hard for me to overtake them safely when I can't even see the oncoming traffic beyond that curve.

The problem with Asian societies such as Singapore is, Asians aren't trained to fear their neighbours, while the western counterparts are.

Westerners seldom do blatantly selfish and irresponsible deeds in front of the people around them, because they know that they stand to get a verbal lashing, a fistfight or even a bullet in their head should they offend someone enough.

Asians however, are too used to the people around them turning a blind eye. All they fear is the police, or rather, the punishments that the police mete out.

Of course, the citizen vigilantism in western societies would tend to take care of such civil problems better, because really, does the police bother until a robbery or a murder has taken place? And there's only so many policemen around.


Went home, did a cursory inspection on the bicycle. And fuck, the headset bearings are loose. Tightened them, and now it feels gritty and sticky. Even though I've cleaned out just a few days ago. Argh. Fucking thing rusted through, probably.


Thinking of getting Shimano clipless pedals and shoes (the funky pedals that hook onto your shoes and let you pedal really smoothly and securely) tomorrow.

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