Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Ending

The theory test wasn't that bad after all.

Got the dead RAM stick exchanged. Works now.

Bike shop didn't have my size of the SPD shoe (I have big size 45 feet - well you know what they say about big feet), but they can order it in really quickly.

Went on a bike hunting spree for my friend. And spotted a few models he can choose from, so that was rather productive

And I'm exhausted after all that getting around Singapore. Goodness knows how many hours I've spent on the road today, with earphones popped on and too tired to do anything else.

I ought to sleep, and therefore, this post ends here.


Vincent McFussypants said...

What do they say about people with big feet?

They wear big shoes?

gonococcus said...

erm..... of course!