Friday, December 28, 2007


And so, things have been going on so smoothly the past few days that I'm sure some calamity would happen soon. It's not pessimism; it's a guarded cynicism! Say if someone won the lottery thrice in a row - it's not going to make it extra likely to win a fourth time, because they are mutually exclusive events, so the probability of winning the next time still remains the same. An application of that would be regression to the mean.

Got myself registered at the driving school, so I should be on schedule as far as as my end-of-May deadline goes.

Hanging out online and chatting to familiar friends while making great new friends is comforting.

Things to do:
Make bread and butter pudding.
Classmate's party.
Register driving theory trial test.
Ask dad where the keys for the foldie bike is, then go refurb it.
Deal with going back to NUS to hand in stupid paperwork.
Revision for exams, dammit!

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