Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's as easy to qualify to drive a plane overseas as to drive a car here

Johor Flying Club:
The duration of training is very much depends on your personal progress. The syllabus of training must provide for a minimum of 45 hours of flight time. More realistically, the average hours required to reach PPL standard on a part-time basis over a period of about 12 to 18 months is about 60 to 70 hours. however there are students who complete whole training on a full-time basis in just a month.

What will be the complete cost to obtain my PPL.

The cost is about RM15,000 to RM22,000 and this amount will cover the flight training, ground school and books that are required during training. However it is also depends on individual progress and fuel price.

The Calgary Flying Club, Canada
How long does it take to get a Private Pilot Licence?
This is a tough one. As far as the legal requirement goes, student pilots need a minimum of 40 hours of groundschool and 45 hours of flight training, of which, at least 17 hours must be with an Instructor (dual) and at least 12 hours must be by yourself (solo). Confusing? You bet. 17 + 12 = 29. So what about the other 16 hours to get to 45? Well, realistically, it doesn’t even matter and here’s why… The national average is more like 65 hours with our own statistics just a little under that at around 60. So, it is very probable that a person will take more than 17 hours dual, more than 12 hours solo and more than 45 hours total.

Singapore Safety Driving Centre

The duration of each practical lesson is 120 minutes. Student may be required to attend an average of 20 to 25 sessions of practical lessons to complete the driving course.


And say you register now, your final practical test, at the very earliest, is 4 months from now. Assuming you get all the requirements and stuff in time.

It costs about $2000 to learn driving in Singapore.



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