Thursday, January 31, 2008


And in the news yesterday was a bunch of 4 youths in their teens. The (probably) rich kid got his driving license, and straight away decided to test his own manoeuvring prowess the very same night with his 3 friends. They chose Old Upper Thomson Road, which is a narrow winding road through the outskirts of the central catchment area nature reserve. They used to hold motor racing events there in the 70s and now it's just a seldom-used road frequented by nature lovers and cyclists alike.

The kid crashed the car at one of the bends. No, it was probably not due to the road conditions - the roads there are well-drained and banked appropriately for the speeds usually seen.

The 2 guys in the back seat died. Front passenger got his arm badly mangled. The driver himself had just a bunch of scrapes. Some would say it's utter injustice but there are as many who would say that it's poetic justice for the driver, having to live the rest of his life in that guilt.


I don't know if the numerous long-tailed macaques gathering around the accident site last evening when I cycled there were mourning.


Exams were ok I guess, made some silly mistakes along the way, but I swear I did put in way more effort than in the other exams in the past. So did the whole batch. I am suspecting that this year's results for the batch will be an unprecedented high.

Other than that, my life is pretty much in stasis now.

Be back when something interesting happens!

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