Saturday, January 26, 2008


It's a friggin weight on my mind, the impending doom exams. Orphan Annie cells, Huerthle cells, Reed Sternberg Cells, clear cells, oat cells, nutmeg livers, cystic kidneys, inverted papillomas, my brain is on overload.


I tricked my old and ageing Panny discman (I use it for its tuner) to charge batteries, by stripping the insulation of one of the cells so it closes the contact points.

And damn, I lost my recipe for French toast. Made it this morning, and had to adlib all the way through. Argh.

10 slices of bread
4 eggs
Forkful butter
375ml milk
Lotsa cinnamon powder
Dash baking powder

Soak the bread in a mixture of all the rest. Burn them over moderate heat in a frying pan until brown.

Wholemeal bread tastes terrible when made as French toast.

And I really should have a soft copy of all the recipes I have.


I miss the outside world. I feel cranky. Once I get past the pesky exams, I'm gonna have a ball of a time. I hope.

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