Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Driving Lessons

Looking at the old cranky display to find out the car number.

Waiting in the car, staring at the morning sky, watching those turboprop planes make their final approaches into Seletar airport. I once saw a twin turboprop plane banking so steeply (was it a Dash 7?) I was afraid it'd drop out of the sky.

Fiddling with the pedals and the steering wheel, watching the instructor's face turn sour whenever I mess up. There's this instructor who animatedly acts like he's gonna fly out of the windscreen whenever I go across a road hump too fast....

Every lesson I feel slightly better about myself, being better than I was the previous lesson.

And the driving centre has old and new cars. The old cars have very finicky pedal response, and are definitely less torquey than the newer cars despite the old cars having a slightly larger engine. The newer cars, well, it's annoying how the front pillars obstruct the view.

2 hours. That's the duration of each lesson and that's also the maximum amount of time one can take the right seat without slowly turning insane from the stress from the traffic and the instructor.

That, interspersed with copious amounts of Pathology revision and idly surfing the web. That's pretty much how my life is now.

I bought some new shoes and suddenly everything is right.

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