Saturday, January 5, 2008


The best ideas I get are when I'm drenched, naked and alone.

In the shower, I mean.

I think I might seriously consider writing a novel. Essentially, it'd consist of a pilot who, moments before dying in a plane crash (some idiot drives a fire engine into the runway and the plane smashes into it), has a whole long flashback on his life.

The people he could have been but didn't have the chance to, the things he could have done but never had the time to. The tragedy of having to make choices and burning bridges and crossing out all the alternate realities that he could have chosen.

Indeed, he's a kickass pilot, but there'd be whole chunks of his life that he's not so proud of - parts of him that he keeps only to himself. His love life is in shambles. And he's alone. Very very alone.

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