Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The overall objective of the Elective Program is to encourage self-fulfillment in a special area of study/research under the guidance of a designated supervisor either in a local or overseas centre. Students have the opportunity to pursue areas of study or research that are of interest to them and beyond the traditional curriculum. The electives should not be mere repetitions of the usual curriculum postings. The elective period is also an opportunity for students to develop skills in independent, self-directed learning.

So which part of 'special area of study', 'are of interest', 'beyond the traditional curriculum' and 'not be mere repetitions' do my classmates not understand?

It seems like I'm the ONLY student taking this electives as intended, and am doing fields that mostly aren't covered in the basic curriculum. The rest are doing revision postings, or to use the Dean's office's words, 'mere repetitions'.

That's NUS culture for you. Prostitute yourself to the exams, screw interests, ignore passion and eschew academic pursuit.


Now that I've gotten this off my chest. I'm pretty fine with my first elective posting - so far. I'm getting some revision as I trundle along at a slow but comfortable pace, and I learn new stuff every day. Strangely, I don't feel as lost as I had expected to by doing this elective completely solo.

Everyone tells me it's a weird choice for an elective. Let's just say my mind is not just set on passing the exams and clinching the degree, but also scouting out my interests and future career possibilities.


I'm Mister Bulletproof and no one gets me down. No one at all. I've almost deduced that someone's indirectly trying to mess with my life/mind/whatever, but hey, you're doing a piss poor job of it all. Not that I care. But it's worth a few laughs.


I fell asleep on the bus. For the record, it's yet another SMRT bus with faulty air conditioning. Paid an air-conditioned bus fare just to get all sweaty. Go figure. And I drooled on my poor Crumpler bag. Ewwww.


Dancing Diva said...

so what's ur elective?

hmm... hematology?

kc said...

how didya know? stalker!