Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Bloody Sunday

The worst thing about Sundays are the impending Mondays.

I guess I'm feeling better - but not 100%. In other words, I feel like I'm getting fat, not getting the exercise I should and that's despite gorging down lotsa food in the hope that it'll help me build up those neutrophils and lymphocytes and feed the plasma cells which will get me better.

(Note: This is neither my blood, nor representative of my condition.)


Random note: The problem with mass media is that it makes hypertension and diabetes sound like extremely severe, disabling conditions which are a death sentence. Yes - I'm talking about drama serials and newspaper reports of sob-tragic-situations and etc. They forgot to mention. The point about hypertension and diabetes awareness is that the patients can CHOOSE to take action and keep it under control, rather than seeing it as a downward spiral.

'Do you have diabetes?'
'Oh no way. If I did I'd be dead by now!'

That's something you hear in the hospital wards all the time.


The cousin's computer is prolly dead. Sigh. And I just spent the day, reviving the hibernating Barton (a.k.a. a later generation of AMD AthlonXP chips) rig in my brother's room by cleaning up the RAM slots, then cleaning up the Core2Duo rig's innards.

Medical undergraduates are probably one of the best people you can find to fix a computer, as they have been trained through and through on the approaches to problem solving.


Argh. I think I need a good exercise and nutrition plan. Need to get leaner and meaner! Being KC Mk II rocks - with looking better comes popularity. It's so shallow but so true. And now I'm healthier and fitter. So, Project KC Mk III is planned and on the way!

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