Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tiiiiiired / Chingay 2008 in Bishan

I fell asleep on my 'i' key. Sorry.

Been busy trying to revive my cousin's computer - and what I know so far is that it's either the RAM, motherboard or CPU that's lost its smoke.

Compaqs these days have been using pretty standard parts, which means that they're easily replaceable by off-the-shelf components. This is an Extremely Good Thing in my books. Remember the era when Dell had their proprietary power supply unit connectors and diskette drives were custom-made to fit the slot on the casing?

Plan: buy a stick of RAM and try it anyway, since it's a low-cost part anyway. If not, KIV replacement of motherboard.


SMRT Buses had better get its act together. This is hardly the first time I had to endure a ride in a bus with a broken-down air-conditioner. I swear I was feeling woozy breathing in the stale air. Hypoxia and hypercarbia anyone? I was so groggy in half an hour, I was drifting in and out of sleep.

It's pathetic. Even the buses in Thailand are way better, not to mention local bus operator SBS Transit which maintains its buses really well. The Mercedes O405 in their fleet are older, yet in way better condition than those under SMRT.


And here's some photos:

The thing about image stabilisation on cameras is that they're great for long exposure still photography, but fail the moment you try it on moving objects.

Everyone's bored waiting for the parade to happen.

Volvo B9TL, the incredibly advanced bus that has electronically-controlled everything - brakes, gearbox, engine, suspension, exhaust monitoring.

Night photography is never a forte of compact cameras such as the Canon A710IS. This is about as good as it goes, pushing the sensor to ISO800, managing with worrisome exposure times like 1/20s on moving objects - yes, mild panning was done on some of the shots.

There's a streak of arrogance in me, that believes that these photos would prolly pwn many of those by DSLR-toting camera-enthusiasts (NOT photography-enthusiasts).

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