Friday, March 7, 2008




So long, Shred of Dignity, it was nice meeting you.


CresceNet said...

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Vincent McSubtlety said...

That was pretty funny. Don't worry, you'll meet and say hi and bye to many more shreds of dignity. Sometimes, Shards, even.

Ideally you'll hang on to them better so that eventually you can make your own a Patchwork Blanket O' Dignity. Its humble and home made but it'll last longer than the kind you can buy in stores.

Or at least you'll know it was made with love.

kc said...


unfortunately, my sewing skills aren't up to any standard, and i'm still entirely dependent on my mom for such work

Project Patchwork Blanket O' Dignity will have to wait, unless they allow my character to craft that in Kingdom Of Loathing!