Thursday, March 6, 2008



On any usual day, you'd find me ranting about the frivolousnesses of American RnB. Everything about America is frivolous, down to their oversized Hummers, corporate conglomerates and gigantic fast food meals. But RnB is the epitome of this.

Much of the songs on US commercial radio is so crappy, they sell themselves only based on the strength of the advertising and endorsements. Oh c'mon. You and I both know that Destiny's Child is as tasteless as stale late-morning McDonald's coffee.

That's the reason why I've shunned the whole American RnB scene altogether, save for a few classics such as Boyz II Men and - yes - Diana Ross and The Supremes. Tell me which young adult of the new millenium doesn't like either of these?

As for the newer stuff? It's one big huge enormous meh.

Until the Freemasons took apart Kelly Rowland's Work and changed practically half of whatever was under the hood.

Now, that's music.

It's not about the singer. It's all about the freaking production, and I applaud the Freemasons - not Kelly Rowland for this masterpiece. The original was so anaemic I wonder why they even bothered.



I think I need some zest in my life. Life's so boring and asocial I'm resorting to building paper planes to entertain myself. This elective period in my timetable means that I'm pretty much on my own with zilch social interaction with my friends. Sigh. It's making me cranky.

Oh. And driving test tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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