Sunday, March 16, 2008

No Dumping

I've been thinking quite alot about death and suicide in general. Maybe it's just that, people who suicide are intelligent enough to realise that life isn't worth living, unlike the average Joe who doesn't have that kinda mental horsepower?

I dunno. Those I know who've chose that route are really smart people.

3 footlong Subways, 2 people. Wow at the absurdity of it all. Only for the month of March.

Felt fat and went for a run.

It's unglam bumping into my classmate while I'm all sweaty, at my mid-point taking a rest and staring at the piston prop planes in the sky. Wearing the horribly oversized XL tee (I fit an M these days, and even those M sports tees are getting loose-ish for me.) Yikes.

No dumping? First thing I thought about were the bears that shit in the woods. I have a twisted mind.

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