Sunday, March 16, 2008

Get Over It

Some say it's a good thing the Guillemots decided to go all radio-friendly along the likes of The Twang and The Zutons. Others believe it stifles the charm that was present in their older songs such as Trains To Brazil.

Me? I can't say if I can make an opinion. Sure. Get Over It is is saccharine-sweet, but Trains To Brazil had insight that few songs exuded.

Video here:


Anonymous said...

i'm kinda glad i didn't preorder the album... i mean hooks galore doesn't necessarily equate to brilliant songs. Made Up Love Song #43 and Trains to Brazil were just genius. Amazon MP3 purchase time!

p.s. I was initially going to make a bad "get over it" bad

Anonymous said...

BTW.. "Kriss Kross" doesn't hold up to many replays.. and I expect the same from "Get over it"

kc said...

hmmmmm yeah there's just too many of the twang/the feeling/the zutons/the enemy etc around these days