Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sakura restaurant Orchard

And so, it's gonna be one last gathering in a long long while. The original reason that got us together in the first place, well, it's breaking up. But friendships aren't as arbitrary as that, therefore this.

We went to Sakura restaurant in Orchard, a buffet place that focuses on sushi and sashimi. (It's hidden in the building next to California Fitness.) For $20+, it's a rather decent deal, though there's wasn't any particularly fantastic item that I can name. Oh and they got a counter where you can order stuff like lamb and satay freshly-cooked and served at your table.

The cameras:

The people:

The food:

The poses:

Blurry pictures galore, as I decided to do away with the flash altogether and depend on image stabilisation and ISO800 to get me by. Flash + complicated yellowish lighting makes everything look ugly, so I just used a custom white balance and shot the photos flashless.

I guess I don't need to say how enjoyable it was, because the photos speak for themselves.


On another note. Went bicycling this morning.

And I'm really thankful Mas Selamat escaped.

Because that means that the police are patrolling the forested area around Old Upper Thomson road where I ride.

And that means, no more idiots stopping their cars in the middle of the narrow curvy road to feed the monkeys.

It makes things easier for me. And safer for me. The probability of me getting hurt in an incident attributable to Mas Selamat escaping is lower than that of getting squished by a car squeezing between me and the stopped cars on that road.

I'm glad Mas Selamat escaped. It might have made things difficult for you, but it's a net benefit for me.

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