Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Shokudo, Raffles City. Essentially, Japanese-styled Marche.

The rosti and the unagi omelette are pretty decent, though everything there is rather expensive.


Peoples' Park Centre yong tau foo.

$3.50. I feel cheated.


Been feeling pretty down lately. Pardon me if I don't say much.


=[ Cong ]= said...

$3.50 for C-town yong tau foo? bastards!

I'll hate them if I didn't think they have the best yong tau foo around.

Moon said...

feeling down? whats wrong?

kc said...

best? but it has this weird sourish taste to it, so at that price...EPIC FAIL

moon: i'm feeling pretty crappy at the state of my life now. no interesting experiences, no grand achievements, etc

Moon said...

take it easy man. focus on your studies. you will be a great doctor

kc said...


Moon said...

yeah can;t go wrong with medicine. it's all books and theory