Sunday, April 6, 2008

My body is a furnace

Hot weather, coupled with ramping up my activity level the past few days has made me feel like a furnace.

I've been running twice and cycling once in a span of 4 days, which is no small feat (feet? Harhar.) for me.

If you haven't been living under a rock next to a huge pineapple, you'd know that Singapore is going to hold the first ever night F1 race. And a night run on wet pavement just shows how absurd F1 night races. Slicky shiny patches of pavement plus irregular lighting means, hell, I can't even keep on the path.

Not to mention, I stepped on something crunchy. Since I don't usually see whole Nestle Crunch bars lying on a jogging track, it was most probably a snail.

Poor snail.

Anyone wanna combine forces with me and petition for NParks to install runway lights flanking the edges of jogging paths? Like, green LEDs spaced 50cm apart. At least I won't veer off-course.

And 2 days later, while cycling along my usual route, a moth flew into my wheel. I don't know if it survived. And some baby mynahs almost did the same.

I have all the luck with nature.


Furnaces need to be fed. With good fuel.


Oh, and remember that time I ordered some tees from Threadless? Seeing how piss poor the US dollar is to the Singapore dollar, and how they had a promotion AND a discount coupon code, I ordered 2 tees.

They're pretty alright. Many forumers online have commented that the tees feel thin and filmsy, but it's just very slightly on the thin side. They're rather small for M tees though. I can barely fit them (is it some astral sign that I ought to lose some flab? My BMI is back in the illegal range.)


School was pretty much a disaster. I didn't get a good evaluation. That's spilt milk I shouldn't cry over, oh well.

But the self-doubt is back. With a vengeance. I'm just not cut out for whatever it is that I'm going to be doing.

Success and greatness? Is that what I really want? I don't know, if I really liked success so much I'd be trying to do great things now. Not stoning in front of the computer keeping myself amused.

Cheap amusement is so comfortable. I could live a life on that alone and not regret it. I don't need expensive cars and fine wine; to be really honest - I prefer watching Mediacorp dramas and pretending to be an idiot on online forums.

But, still, it's not healthy when I'm seriously considering a full-time career in fiction writing right now.

Pick 3 non-congruent themes . Weave them into a story. There, you get a killer novel.

1. Measuring tapes
2. The cost of air travel
3. Lesbian mothers

Mary and Isabel work for a corporation importing household products from China into south-east Asia. They fall in love in office in a whirlwind romance and end up as lesbian mothers of a young boy named Pete. In the latest fiasco, the lesbian mothers are tasked to fly to China to secure a deal for the import of measuring tapes, among other sewing products.

However, disaster ensues when Pete falls ill with diarrhoea in the airport. In a mad rush to procure extra diapers (they had stupidly put it into the checked luggage and it's now somewhere in the plane's cargo hold) they miss the flight.

And now they are left stranded with not enough money to buy the extremely expensive air ticket for the next flight. They gotta make their way to China by hook or by crook, or the business deal is off and their jobs will be on the chopping board.

How are the duo going to amass the money to get their tickets, and how are they going to cope with their luggage (with Pete's diapers inside) leaving for Beijing without them?

Buy the book!


Anonymous said...

the red shirt looks gay

Ryanryan said...

someone needs to lay off the pizzas!