Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lucky me

So. Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to me. It's driving test day!

Other than being a little too sleepy, I woke up to a perfect day. Got myself dressed, my hair gelled down rather than tousled up (good impressions are important when you're taking a test!), and got to the bus-stop just in time.

Before the test is a warm-up session - a short driving lesson before the test itself. Did Test Route 2. It went quite alright, yay. Weather's lovely - the sun makes everything twice as beautiful. I swear that even the road markings glowed in the golden morning sun.

And the drawing of lots for the testers and test routes. Lady luck must have been working overtime, because the tester who failed me the other time isn't taking anyone from my time slot. Yay.

And I got Test Route 2, which I had just practised a while ago. Yay again.

And the weather remained lovely. Just looking at how perfect things were going calmed me.

The tester was quite vocal about chastising me on my weaknesses - I don't tend to show that I do check the mirrors and blindspots and all. But hey I passed. YESH!

It's a long-drawn affair next, watching a compulsory safety video, taking a passport photo, applying for the license, collecting the remaining credit in the driving school account. And after a long wait to register for the license (for real!) I'm now legally qualified to drive cars of all colours. Not just dark green ones with MID plates. Now to make that fact obvious, perhaps I should look into the possibility of acquiring a pink car.

Goodbye, Singapore Safety Driving Centre!


Went to the library, went to lunch in Ang Mo Kio (loose ankle socks+walking too much = painful abrasions on the ankle) at Rasa Sayang, Blk 711 Ang Mo Kio Central.

To be honest I've never eaten such an insanely huge chicken cutlet before. Ever. I'm going to take back whatever I said or thought about the $5.80 price being steep. Taste is pretty good too, but the coleslaw is quite soggy and garlic toast being on the stale side.


Reached home, and got a phone call. A couple of weeks ago my mom coerced me to join a lucky draw to win a Sarah Brightman CD for her, and yeah, I won it. Yay again.

Was planning to do a short bike ride but just felt too exhausted. Weather didn't hold up anyway, so that intention's moot anyway.

Somehow even the coffee tastes better today.

Please don't tell me that today is all a dream or I'd be devastated!


Anonymous said...

congrats :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! you're on a lucky streak today! hahah anw congrats on passing your driving test! oh no, i am abandoned and left behind while everyone else is getting their license.

anw i totally agree its about luck! how unfair is that?! my testor was this asshead called foo shou way. according to online forumers he dishes out points for all the safety nonsense, which was how i failed! no checking of blindspot, tick tick tick. like wth seriously! I DID CHECK MY BLINDSPOT LAH! and e-brake 2 points too! for stopping in 3s instead of 1s! (HUMAN RXN TIME LAH!) so this is how i sadly accumulated 58 points.

the indian is supposed to be nice i heard. but whatever, these testors honestly deserve to die. haha sorry for ranting. can't help it. am too indignant and angry. but now that you've passed, i need to find someone else to rant to! haha.


kc said...

hmmmm wait, that guy passed me!

yeah he's picky abt that blindspot thing

maybe it's some sort of secret pact that they try not to pass people on their first try or sth... so that the driving instructors can fleece us of even more money!

Anonymous said...

JEEZ WTH!! :( first try cannot pass mehh! damn angry. so how much moolah did you spend on driving in total?

damn ass. maybe nxt time i shld bluff the testor and say that this is my 4th try or something.


kc said...

well your PDL displays prominently all your previous attempts so no luck there :(

hope you get a better tester next time!

think i spent around 2000.... sigh

Anonymous said...

lol lucky dude

Anonymous said...

on my 1st try got that tester, foo shou way gave me 46 D-pts. dunno he got a 'killer-tester' reputn.
2nd again got him n my mind went !@#$%^&*... how heng can i be???
but this time i passed w 14 D-pts.
btw, no official connection btn instructors n testers..