Thursday, April 24, 2008

To the young guy on bus 74 this morning...

... who had Less Than Jake's The Science of Selling Yourself Short and Jimmy Eat World's Hear You Me on your playlist, amongst other ska punk.

YES your earphones were so freaking loud, I could make out whatever songs you were listening to. It's not that I mind much having to have my morning nap to the tinny drone of your earphones, but it makes me uncomfortable that you're blasting your own ears into oblivion. Hearing loss is no fun at all.

Please, please get a decent pair of isolating earphones such as Creative EP630, Crossroad Mylarone x3i, Audio Technica CK-52, Panasonic HJE-300 or similar. They're all reasonably priced - pay about the price of 3-5 CDs, and you get to enjoy ALL your CDs better. And they protect your ears since they seal out the outside noise, meaning that you do not have to turn up the volume to drown out the engine drone of the bus.

And I won't have to get my morning nap on the bus despite the energetic punk beats emanating from your earphones.


Anonymous said...

hope that guy read this.. pissed me off too but glad i don't suffer anymore since i habe my own priate transport :P

shu said...

haha you should use shure 530 - good stuff.