Thursday, May 29, 2008

I swear alcohol wasn't involved

A - hey some day can u lend me ur doctor tag? i'll juz wear some office clothings and walk into the clinic and check vaginas..

kc - hahahahhaa
kc - hmmmm
kc - but
kc - theyre mostly old postmenopausal ladies
kc - seriously

A - shitz.. dun some hot chick in their twenties come check for vaginal itch or seek the correct way to massage their boobs??

kc - yeah but unless theyre a whore
kc - they come with husbands
kc - and they'll say no to students
kc - and even if theyre single
kc - they still say no

A - shit.. guess i'll have to wait till u graduate then!
A - =P

kc - wahahah
kc - and let you ruin my professional reputation for being a man of gentle and skillful fingers?

A - well, i'll juz have to make sure the patient is satisfied with my 'therapy'! =)
A - and hopefully she comes more frequently and brings along more of her friends! haha

kc - haha i think the demand for gynaecology services or shall i say servicing is inelastic....

A - wow! u take econs too?! haha.. that's good wad... since the demand is inelastic, you can jack up the prices! they'll stil come for 'servicing'! =)

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Yusry said...

This has got to be the funniest post I have ever read on your blog! :D