Monday, May 19, 2008

Iron Man

In modern art, when is a hero ever not an antihero? Spiderman had its ever-so-geeky Peter Parker, Batman had his own demons and the X-Men is fraught with internal conflicts.

Iron Man is no exception. Aloof, rash, almost-crazed weapon maker Tony Stark was captured by Afghan guerrillas. Admidst adversity, he managed to get away alive by creating a metallic exoskeleton that harnesses the power of the arc reactor that he had previously invented.

After experiencing first-hand the carnage his own weapons can wreak on the innocent, he decides to end his company's weapon production, only to end up at loggerheads with his business partner, who takes things into his own hands......

Iron Man has no choice but to create a MkII exoskeleton, and solve the travesties in his very own corporation that had happened since.

The film is beautifully executed, with seamless special effects and a storyline that is tight and engaging. Robert Downey Jr's firs the role of Tony Stark perfectly as he manages to combine Stark's aloofness, genius and civic awareness into one convincing package.

The reviews are right. While Iron Man isn't one of the more prominent Marvel creations, this wollops Fantastic Four, Daredevil, X-Men and even possibly Spiderman on the silver screen.

This is one movie you must watch.

Just remember that in the real world, vehicles that travel to 80000ft don't ice up just like that. The air at that altitude is too dry, and for a vehicle to reach that altitude, it would have definitely produced enough heat to melt the ice - via the propulsion mechanism and the aerodynamic drag of something as un-streamlined as a human suit.

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