Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Secondary Gain

Sports medicine elective. And so I learn about the various ways football, running, jumping and cycling can ravage the human body. After every day in this elective, I feel increasingly thankful that my body has not had any real damage from my cycling habit.

And in this posting, in addition to learning the boring school-ey stuff and fulfilling my posting requirements, I've learned quite alot about how I can keep safe while cycling and running.

Cleat adjustment on clipless bicycle pedals is important - try to get those with some float (i.e. wriggle-room) and keep your feet pointing straight - but not uncomfortably so.

Having a steady and balanced gait is essential for distance running.

Train at above 70% of your maximum heart rate to increase your endurance.

Don't underestimate the power of rest when you're injured.


The long hours are very exhausting, but yes, I do learn quite alot over here. Started at 7.30am, ended at 6.30pm. Particularly long day though. At least I didn't have an exercise-induced migraine to fight with like I did on Monday. Maybe it's just the pain, maybe it's a complicated neurochemical pathophysiological pathway, but migraines really sap my ability to think and concentrate.


Weekend curry @ Delhi Restaurant, Little India:

The only place in Singapore where cars give way to pedestrians, traffic crossing or not.

Tandoori on fire!

It takes quite some gall to sip down this ultra-fermented, ultra-sour lassi drink.

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