Saturday, May 31, 2008

On days I feel particularly voyeuristic...

...I click on that site counter widget in the sidebar of my blog, and see which websites refer to me.

I've had a minor share of blog publicity - I've been once put on a randomly-generated blogroll on an alternative band's (forgot which) home page, and even better, Ian from Middle Distance Runner found my blog and left a comment! And if you're reading this, YOU NEED MORE WEB PRESENCE! Low-quality fan-posted videos just aren't gonna cut it.

However, what amuses me are the Google searches that have somehow led strangers from all over the world to my blog.

A large portion of these hits come from excited travelers wanting to know more about Thailand, and often, the find my blog via Google Image Search. To you guys, I'm grateful that those travelogues do have an audience!

An even larger portion come from armchair music critics who feel that Leona Lewis and Mariah Carey share uncanny similarities and had used Google to convince themselves that they're not the only ones who think the same way. Variations on "leona lewis- mariah carey", "mariah carey vs leona lewis" - I've seen them all.

And there's the weird:

"rc truck and bus" comes up quite often, because I had posted a video of a remote-controled truck and bus race in Hong Kong ("yau guk che le!") from Youtube. Didn't know so many people on earth are interested on such a specific niche!

"scrape on knee yellow discharge"- Don't mess with that fibrin clot! And if that yellow discharge does not stop in a couple of days, or if it smells funky, or if you feel unwell, see a doctor because it's most likely infected.

"The Wombats - A Guide To Love, Loss And Desperation" - it's a good album - I reiterate.

"free mobtv promo code" - MobTV is fun for a while, then it gets stale really quickly when you've exhausted all your favourite shows.


Whatever it is, what reason it is that you found yourself here, I thank you for reading my blog. And if this isn't your first time here, I really appreciate it. I really do.

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