Sunday, July 20, 2008


Part of my morning ride. After 2 failed tries to use Nokia Sports Tracker on my N78, it got a perfect run without losing its GPS signal halfway.

Had a minor row with an idiot and her 2 kids playing badminton in the middle of the cycle path.

Says that she knows when to move out of the way when cyclists pass. I kindly pointed out that she didn't manage to do so when I approached.

Says there's hardly any cyclists using it anyway. I kindly pointed out that I was a cyclist. Are they ignorant or plain stupid?

It's Monday in a while, and I haven't dreaded Mondays in a long while. Back to insane hours and crazy workload.

The weekend's over. And I didn't do anything fruitful with my time. I stayed at home throughout the weekend, hearing the F16s fly over, seeing the neighbours heading out in the best clothes, while I just sat in my room keeping to myself like all good Otaku should.

Chatted with a friend, he's having a ball of a time in American indie music epicentre Chicago. Lollapalooza tickets there are cheaper than SingFest, and they get way better acts. Not to mention, many, many more acts.

Me, I seek cheap Youtube thrills. Alone.

I'm weak.


Cuteboiboi said...

dunch be sho emo rah :( :(

Anonymous said...

Well Pitchfork was absolutely awesome.. except for the Cut Copy no show (stupid chicago airport)

I just looked at the SingFest lineup again.. Day 2 ain't that bad.. There's always Alicia Keys. And for the popsters there's OneRepublic, Pussycat Dolls and Jason Mraz.

Day One is quite irredeemably trashy. Unless you call Travis "music".

It's funny how $300 bucks and people think it's a decent deal. People in US used to be up in arms over fest tickets.. since a while back they used to be really cheap (aka pitchfork style pricing)