Sunday, July 13, 2008


Hours and hours spent on crowded public transport is getting on my nerves. It's Monday again. Seriously, the prospect of work, and the lack of any decent chunks of time to actually live life is scaring the fuck outta me. Turning up early before sunrise, holding the fort, holding the fort, holding the fort, until almost sunset.

New saddle, and not much time for me to ride on it. Despite this crazy week I squeezed in a 10km run and a 20+km ride so I guess that's not too bad. It's the furthest I can go without aggravating my inflamed hamstrings too badly. Ouch.

Weekend spent milling around with family and relatives to some place in Toa Payoh for lunch. Nothing social to do, nothing fun to do. Tried to watch the Evangelion: You Are Not Alone, but it turned out to be a disjointed 90 minute trailer for the series itself (which I had totally liked). They totally killed the character development the anime series managed so well to create.

My hair is getting unruly. Let's see how long it gets before I'm forced to get it cut. Heh.


Pkchukiss said...

Great perspective in the first pic!

twinkie said...

eek! i haven't seen you for the longest time and you've lost lots of weight. do take care.