Tuesday, July 8, 2008


If you're a regular blog trawler who goes around reading your friends' blogs, vicariously living their lives and secretly gloating at how you have a better social life than them, you'd probably already notice that school plays an extremely huge role in filling up the virtual lined foolscap of the cyberspace.

If you're one of those few who are too nice to engage in such voyeuristic as clicking through the archives just to find a photo of the cute girl in class, or secretly snoop on the friends your mate hangs out with, you lied.

Blogs. It's all about trying to put an engaging spin to the most mundane of our daily lives. So, would you make a few concessions on the truth just to sound more successful and social than you really are? Yes. I absolutely would.

Some are better than others at doing that. The not so good ones, talk about school, sharing anecdotes on their boring scholarly escapades that honestly sound like Greek to anyone outside of that particular social circle.

But sometimes, school is all-consuming. And there's really nothing else to talk about, when the bulk of daylight is wasted on illuminating textbooks rather than giving you a nice, olive tan. So, there's really nothing else to talk about.

Such is the situation for me for the past 2 days, doing hospital attachments at a higher level - now I'm busy doing procedures, and that means sucking blood, placing electrical leads, interrogating and shoving various tubes up whatever orifice the human body has to offer.

It's gross, it's bloody and it's messy. That's human bodies for you. Especially sick human bodies. But that's the way things are. Trust me, you wouldn't want to know exactly what I had been doing for the past 2 days. I'm still trying to adapt to the workflow in Far Eastern Hospital after spending so many months doing postings in Southwestern Giant Hospital.

In other words, this is one horribly weak filler post on my poor malnourished blog.

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