Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Drivel

I'd spare you the usual shit about schoolwork.

Hung out with a bunch of online buddies. Ikoi in Miramar Hotel. Ala carte buffet for $38.85 after service charge and the Government's cut of your hard-earned money. Pretty good stuff, except that their soba noodles are starchy and tasteless, and that the sushi rice isn't vinegared properly. Sashimi is fresh, tempura is excellent.

Mom's birthday's celebration was a couple days back, and we ate at Sakura restaurant. Another Japanese buffet, though of a much lesser price, and corresponding standard. It's just... price-appropriate fodder. Nothing to shout about.

And the cake, from Pine Garden's Cake, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10. Durian moose, with real durian mixed in. They make especially light and fluffy cakes.

Reminds you of a certain architectural embarrassment in southern Singapore eh?

Delicious food is not good. Especially when one is just days into embarking into a fat loss/fitness journey.

I'm going to lose all that lard. Eating sensibly and not gorging on food whenever and wherever.

Including interval training in cycling and running to break out of the rut that I was in.

Pushing myself to exhaustion at least twice in a week.

I hope it works!

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Anonymous said...

This place is a disaster. Waitress pretends not to hear you, your order after the 1st serving will NEVER arrive. Don't be fooled.