Sunday, September 21, 2008

Of blood, shit and piss

There are very few professions on Earth where one can say that their work is bloody, shitty or pissy - and mean it literally.

My past week was spent at another internship, and again, it's 4 weeks of long hours and hard work. Argh.

On Friday, I stayed the night in hospital, shuttling between various wards doing various random errands, handling various patients who had bloody shit, bloody pee, bloody puke, obstructed shit, obstructed pee, uncontrollable shit, uncontrollable pee and various iterations of those few words (a few days back there was even a case of shitty pee but let's not go into there).

I think I know what specialities to avoid now. Namely, the shitty ones and the pissy ones. You know, I'd gladly have longer hours and a higher workload, than to endure shit and piss.

It's another 3 more weeks. Weeks seldom feel this long. And weekends this short.


Felicia said...

Hey, I am reading ur blog for some time and think tht entries and really funny yet true. I am studying in melbourne now doing some Monash Uni Foundation Year. I am planning to study med next yr but sometimes I dunno if its the right choice esp after reading ur entries and also what many ppl hav told me about med sch and life as a doctor. Its not oh-so-glamorous. Well, I want to be a doctor to help young kids with facial deformities yet I also want to earn big bucks to buy nice handbags, clothes shoes etc. So sometimes i dunno if I shld really be a doctor. My 2nd choice is law and I think if I wanna earn big bucks I shld choose tht instead. I dunno. What do u think as a current med student?

kc said...

i can't decide for you. though you gotta understand that the grass is never greener on the other side

it's just a different shade of green

what shade of green do you like?

Felicia said...

yeah either choice i make, law school or med sch they will make be equally tough. and competitive. but perhaps being a doctor is a more noble ambition? would it be?

Anonymous said...

I love shit