Monday, February 23, 2009

A morning jog

Who says you can't watch trees shedding their leaves in the wind, littering the grass with the various shades of autumn?

Who says we don't have historical parks from the early 20th century?

Who says we don't have fauna around us? It's just that you don't notice the yellow-vented bubuls playing in mid-air, the brahminy kite circling the reservoir, the egrets flying high.

Who says we don't have admirable lily ponds?

It's times like this I feel lucky to have all these within jogging distance.


Yusry Harfuddin said...

Ah yes, autumn in Singapore. Changi Village Park is like a typical autumn day in the mornings before the park gets cleared. The (casuarina) trees shed so much pine and cones till you can't see the cycling track at times.

Anonymous said...

ur jogging spd v slow hor..
got time to squat down take foto of ant also