Sunday, February 15, 2009

The weather still fascinates me

On Sunday, the weather station recorded a peak of 35 degrees Celsius, which was not seen for at least a month. Just last month we had experienced the driest and windiest January in years. I really hope these temperatures aren't here to stay. The haze has also made a comeback for the past 3 days due to the forest fires in the Riau Islands.

Fortunately, it's nothing compared to the tragic fires that had engulfed the state of Victoria on Australia.

The weather's not the only thing that's dry and barren. My love life is equally barren, judging by how I had spent my Valentine's alone again. I guess it's because I'm picky.

I've always been looking for another me, someone I can live comfortably with and share my experiences with. But is it even possible to find another me? I should just let go of myself and allow myself to be swept off my feet by the varied lifestyles of those outside my comfort zone.

But it's harder said than done.

I'm still feeling sickish, bloody hell. I don't have the energy to do what I want. I miss my bicycle and my running shoes. THe last time I tried cycling at this level of sickishness, it wasn't nice. It wasn't nice at all.


Anyway in other news, Slumdog Millionaire, the British-directed Indian film that had won numerous awards , is out in Singapore and it's a good watch. Its emotionally engaging scenes make for an unforgettable movie and the occasional bursts of mirthless humour keeps it from being too serious. You'd love it.

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