Friday, February 6, 2009

What a day to feel under the weather

In terms of weight, I'm still a 71+2.2=73.2. In other words, still a Boeing 737-200.

Feeling under the weather, got a chest infection brewing methinks.

I'm really having trouble writing this entry. It's not a paucity of ideas, but rather, what do I want my audience to hear?

I could whine about my eternal loneliness. Or school. Or how I still wonder why I am so unpopular that I keep on seeing my friends being tagged on Facebook for the '25 things' note but as for myself, I was never ever tagged. (Richie's 16 things doesn't count. because 4 squared is NOT 5 squared)

Or the fact that I'm spending my birthday alone, stewing at home.....

The newspapers have had some pretty amazing headlines these days: Singapore TV licence fee among world's lowest

And a forum letter clarifying how a previous day's article 'take-up rate' was not the same as 'pick-up' rate for breast mammography. Is the standard of English in Singapore so pathetic that this needs such specific clarification?

You take up mammography. You don't pick up mammography. Because mammography is not a skill you learn, such as golf or knitting.

Mammography picks ups tumours. Mammography doesn't take up tumours. If it did take up tumours, then wouldn't it be a method of TREATING tumours, since a mammogram would somehow magically 'take up' the tumour, leaving only healthy breast tissue?

Many Singaporeans don't even know English. it's a wonder how they are able to communicate with the other Singaporeans of other races. If Singapore really wants to be multiracial, then let's focus our efforts on learning a common language - English, rather than alienating those of htoer races by speaking in one's so-called Mother Tongue.

So-called, because none of my family or extended relatives speak the Mother Tongue at home.

Whatever. Just learn English, okay?


congyuan said...

Whatever, I'll go learn myself sum english ok

Rylai Crestfallen said...
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Rylai Crestfallen said...

The use of substandard English annoys me to no end in Singapore. I see PhD students in English confusing "clutches" and "crutches"; I see English teachers complaining about "insecured people."

Most of the population have no grasp of proper tenses and subject verb agreements, and the confusion increases with the use of to-infinitives and transitive and intransitive verbs.

People say "I went to swam yesterday," "Does it seems," "Why does it matters," and they have no idea they are butchering the language because they think they are speaking perfectly.

People confuse "thrash" and "trash," "bade" and "bait," "reign" and "rein," and so many more.

It horrifies me, because mistakes such as these in a country that claims to be English speaking is unforgiveable. It merely shows a population that can speak in nothing but a pidgin.

Anonymous said...

i is agree with dis
but wart is wrong with tv lisense fee thing