Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chinese New Year is cheesy

As a teaser, here's a cheesy Chinese-themed music video by 911, a cheesy boyband, that features yet another cheesy singer, Fann Wong.

Chinese New Year is a season of following stupid traditions (what with the opening the door to welcome some mysterious deity who supposedly will make you extremely prosperous at lotteries), overpriced confectionery (seriously, do pineapple tarts cost THAT much to make?) and cheesy forced conversation.

Relative: 'So you're going to be a doctor in a year eh?'
Me: Smile/shrug/act polite.
Relative: 'Do you have a girlfriend?'
Me: Bodily gesture to indicate denial.
Relative: 'Looking for one?'
Me: WTF.

Chinese New Year is an excellent time to enlist your computer savvy nephew (i.e. me) for a home visit to fix the computer. And an excuse to glean weight loss tips from the relative who looks slimmer than before (i.e. me) and to glean random medical advice from doctors-to-be (i.e. me again - see the trend?).

Guess where I was for most of the afternoon when they visited?

I had a good nap in my room.


Pkchukiss said...

That was what my brother did this afternoon: staying up until 5am really knocked him out. I gave up at around 4am though, but I got a lot of blog reading done :)

Actually, I think we are at the age where it is open season for the girlfriend question. I thought I would escape that fate this year, until the topic turned to ME suddenly. Unpredictably scary!

Dancing Diva said...

i was a 911 groupie!!!
*buries head in the tarmac*

kc said...

haha cunning, my cousins slept when i went over this afternoon, must've learnt it from me...

oh by the way, do you have a girlfriend? =D

dancing diva:
in my not-so-recent past i liked boyzone and take that!

Dancing Diva said...

haha... boyzone was the group that strated me in the whole craze! and it wasnt a pretty (or sane) phase.. eek!